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Tree felling services

There are various different reasons why a tree might require complete removal, and these can range from serious disease to a tree simply growing too big for its location.

But from the point of view of personal and structural safety, it’s important to remember that tree felling involves more than simply cutting down trees.

A large mature tree can weigh several tons, so it’s crucial that when it falls, it doesn’t fall in the wrong place. A misplaced felling can result in considerable damage to even the most robust of structures and pose a significant risk to the safety of those nearby.

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Common reasons for felling


When trees are planted as saplings it can be difficult to envision them as fully grown trees, and it is often the case that not enough space is left between them. As they mature and grow, the issues with overcrowding become evident, such as damage caused to other plants and flowers by spreading root systems. In some cases the only solution is complete removal.

Storm damage

Large trees are always at risk from damage during storms and strong winds, which can cause them to blow over, twist, split or splinter. In some cases surgery can correct the problem, and damaged branches can be taken off. In other situations, where safety may be an issue, removal of the tree is sometimes the only viable solution.

Overhead cables

If your knowledge of trees is limited you may have no idea how large a sapling is going to grow, or you may have inherited a young tree from a previous occupant. When trees begin to interfere with overhead cables, thinning or lowering of branches can be a solution. To prevent the problem recurring, however, removal is often the best option.

Construction work

Planned construction work in gardens or business premises often requires the felling of trees. Roots can be a problem when laying drains or foundations, or it could be that branches will encroach on windows, roofs or guttering. Once again, complete removal is often the only realistic option.

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