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Stump grinding

It is a regrettable fact that trees in both rural and urban areas of the UK sometimes need to be felled. There are a number of reasons why this may be necessary, ranging from damaged or diseased trees to urban development.

When a tree is felled, however, the stump of the trunk and the surrounding roots remain in the ground. If the reason for felling is a construction project (for example) this can be problematic.

There are numerous other reasons why a stump may need to be removed, but the process is not a simple or easy one for the recreational gardener. Knowledge and experience are generally required, along with specialised equipment. That’s why we recommend that you make use of the services of a well established company like Acorn Trees.

Because it’s the fastest and most effective method of removing unwanted tree stumps, stump grinding is often the best option. The process consists of grinding the stump down below the level of the ground or grinding it out completely, using a mechanical stump grinder. As well as removing the stump, this will also effectively destroy the system of roots beneath it.

Using stump grinding techniques, our team here at Acorn Trees are able to remove tree stumps of any size in a safe and professional manner, from small stumps to large and mature ones. What is left at the end of the process is woodchips, which can either be used for gardening mulch or taken away by our operatives.

The equipment we use for stump grinding at Acorn Trees is modern, light and efficient. This allows us to remove all traces of a tree stump quickly, and with minimum disruption and disturbance to the ground.

Common reasons for stump grinding


Whether it’s a small kitchen extension or a large new development, the stump and root system from a felled tree can be a costly hindrance to construction work. Because stump grinding will also kill the surrounding root system, it is often regarded as the best solution in such cases.

Nuisance and safety

Having a large tree stump within your garden or business premises is not ideal. Not only could it make mowing your lawn more difficult, it could also present a significant trip hazard, particularly after dark.


Not only is a decaying tree stump not particularly attractive, as it inevitably rots down it can easily become a home for damaging pests. These pests could spread to other plants and trees on your property, and stump grinding offers one of the quickest and most cost effective solutions to this potentially ongoing problem.

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