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Hedge trimming

Hedges of some description are common on both domestic and business premises throughout the UK. Indeed, across Europe there are hedges alongside roads that have been growing for 500 or even a thousand years!

Hedges provide a useful and distinct boundary between a property and the area around it, and they come in all shapes, varieties and sizes. In rural settings they are often used as an alternative to walls and fences, while the extent of a suburban garden is often denoted by its hedge.

Like trees, however, hedges are living and growing, and proper maintenance is vitally important. Most hedges will need trimming once a year, though formal hedges may require more regular attention.

Many home owners purchase electric trimmers and other tools to look after their hedges. For the best results, however, we recommend that you use the services of a reputable company like Acorn Trees, who possess all the skills and professional equipment required for this specialised job.

Common reasons for hedge trimming?


A neglected hedge can very soon begin to look unattractive and straggly, and on the side away from your property may start to overhang the street or pavement. Clearly this is not desirable, and regular professional trimming will keep your hedge looking neat and healthy.

Blocked views

Many varieties of hedge grow quickly, especially species like leylandii, and you may look out of a window one day and find a view you used to enjoy is no longer visible. To make the most of your hedge – and your views – it should ideally be trimmed and maintained every year.

New hedges

Newly planted hedges will need to undergo formative pruning for the first couple of years after planting. This is the process of forming the hedge into the desired shape whilst still young, and should ideally be undertaken by a qualified arborist.

Hedge health

Regular professional maintenance will improve the overall health, density and structure of a hedge. This, in turn, will add significantly to the properties for which it was originally planted, such as security, privacy or use as a windbreak.

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