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Crown thinning services

The area of a tree known as the crown is the section at the very top, where the leaf-bearing branches grow out from the main trunk to form the canopy that gives the tree its basic shape.

Crown thinning is a pruning technique used mainly on hardwood trees, which involves the removal of some of these smaller branches at the outer crown. The objective is to produce a uniform density of foliage, whilst retaining both the overall size and natural form of the tree.

Crown thinning is a precise and skilled procedure, requiring the systematic removal of just the right amount of material from the tree to produce the desired effect.

All deadwood, potentially dangerous limbs and branches that cross are taken out during the crown thinning process. Branches that come together to form a weaker ‘V’ shape are removed, while stronger ‘U’ shaped unions are left in place.

To make the process less stressful for the tree, the recommendation is that that only 25-30% of the tree’s crown should be thinned in one operation. Any additional thinning should be undertaken over subsequent seasons.

Common reasons for crown thinning

There are a number of reasons why crown thinning may be required. An important one is to increase the amount of light passing through the canopy, thus reducing areas of shade.

Opening up the crown also reduces the potentially damaging effects of high winds on the tree, making it safer and healthier.

In addition, crown thinning will reduce the overall weight of the tree, and allows the removal of dead or weak wood and crossing branches.

Knowledge and experience

Because of the position of the crown, operatives are often required to undertake this work at height. That’s why it is essential that this work is carried out by experienced professionals who have both the knowledge and the equipment to do the job properly and safely.

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