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Crown reduction services

Crown reduction is a procedure used to lessen the height of a tree by pruning the tips of branches within the crown down to a lower growing point.

This reduces the spread of the crown as well as the tree’s overall height, though the natural form of the species should be maintained where this is possible.

Crown reduction is often a more stressful procedure for a tree than crown thinning, as the pruning is generally more extensive and more uniform, and can leave branches at risk of potential decay.

That’s why it should only be undertaken by operatives with the necessary training and experience, so that your tree (or trees) receive the care and attention they deserve.

The reasons for crown trimming can be purely cosmetic, but it can also be required when a tree has outgrown its permitted space or is adversely affecting its surroundings.

Common reasons for crown reduction

Dangerous limbs

Branches affected by weather damage, pests or disease are more at risk of breaking and falling, and can become a danger to people and property below. Crown reduction is often used as a way of reducing the weight of potentially hazardous limbs, thereby making them safer and less likely to be affected by strong winds.

Restoring balance

Trees that have been badly pruned or affected by storm damage can lose the natural shape of their crown. One way of restoring the inherent beauty of a particular species is to employ a specialist team to undertake a crown reduction procedure.

Obstruction or damage

We know that trees sometimes grow bigger than their owners were expecting, and a common problem is the obstruction of a favourite view from a window. More seriously, high branches can be begin to cause damage to roofs and guttering, and in such cases crown reduction can be a solution.


Overhead cables

Gardens and business premises nowadays are often crisscrossed with power and communication lines. As trees grow, the upper branches can begin to affect these service lines. In order to solve the problem without losing the tree, a crown reduction might be considered the best option.

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