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Crown lifting

The height of a tree sometimes needs to be reduced by pruning the upper part of the crown (see crown reduction), and in much the same way, the space between the lower branches and ground level sometimes needs to be increased.

Crown lifting involves the skilled technique of removing limbs and branches from the lower part of the tree, with the objective of raising the overall height of the crown to a specified distance from the ground.

After the lowest branches have been removed, the crown should still comprise approximately two thirds of the tree’s overall height. That’s one reason why this procedure should only be carried out by experienced professionals, such as the team here at Acorn Trees.

There are a variety of reasons why crown lifting could be the preferred option for a problematic tree, ranging from better access to the provision of more light.  For informed advice you can call us on 01473 405427.

Common reasons for crown lifting


In both rural and urban areas with a lot of trees it is often inevitable that vehicles and pedestrians will need to pass beneath them, and adequate clearance will need to be provided. In some circumstances, local authorities require a level of clearance to a specific height to ensure the safety of personnel and service vehicles, and crown lifting is often the appropriate solution.

To allow access for vehicles the recommendation is to provide a height of around 5 metres from the road. For pedestrians, the recommended height for access is 2.5 metres.

More light

Lower branches can sometimes become so dense – particularly when in leaf – that little light passes through them. Crown lifting is often undertaken to increase the amount of light that passes through and below the lower part of the tree, which can be of significant benefit to the surrounding environment.

Better visibility

Crown lifting can significantly improve sight lines and views in the area local to the tree. Road signs often become hidden by the lower branches of trees, which in the case of warning signs could potentially compromise safety. As an alternative to felling trees in such circumstances, crown lifting is often a good solution.

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